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Extension Leads

We stock all types of Extension Leads for UK Mains

Model: 4W 4M
4-gang extension lead, an essential for any home or business.Rated at 13A and conform to BS 1363/A.Practical Design to Discreetly Place Anywhere.Wall Mounting Capable with Hole Hangs...
Ex Tax:£12.99
Model: 4W 1M PLUG
Color: Black. Lead Length 1 m. Number of Ways: 4 Connector Type A: UK Mains Plug. Connector Type B: UK Socket. Cable Type: UK Mains. 4-Gang extension...
Ex Tax:£30.00
Model: ExtLeads-5M
Color: Black.Lead Length 5mNumber of Ways: 4Connector Type A: UK Mains Plug.Connector Type B: UK Socket.Cable Type: UK Mains.4-Gang extension.Protected extension lead 1m is perfect for using at home or office. Multi plug extension sockets allows for various appliance to be connected at one place suc..
Ex Tax:£41.66
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