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WHAT IS IT? A compact 299 g dehumidifier bag that absorbs moisture, condensation, mist, dampness and odoursABSORBS 120 ml, colour indicator turns from blue to pink, 6 mins in microwave to renewBENEFITS Economical (use time and again) time saver (no more misted windscreens or mirrors)WHERE IS IT USEF..
Ex Tax:£14.99
MULTIPURPOSE MICROFIBRE CLOTH ~ From washing up to cleaning and dusting, Sorbo’s Microfibre Cleaning Cloth is ideal for all types of jobs around the home! Specifically developed for your car cleaning kit, kitchen, bathroom, windows, electronic screens and even floorsHIGHLY ABSORBENT ~ These quick-dr..
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Model: WD40
A 100ml aerosol can of WD-40 - the industry standard lubricant and solvent mix, which penetrates, disperses water and lubricates. It is ideal for cleaning machine parts prior to dismantling or repair, freeing and lubricating at the same time. Because of its electrically insulating properti..
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Car Suction Mount Holder Black colorFeatures:Car Mount Holder for tomtom V2/ V4 GPSDurable, Safe, and ConvenientWith a 360 degrees swivel head, easily adjusted to your satisfied viewing angleLightweight  and unaffected by temperature fluctuationsDescriptions:TomTom vent mount for inside yo..
Ex Tax:£6.99
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